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Join our Beginning Weaving Session A and create a beautiful gradient or color blocked scarf  or dish towel using provided weaving looms ( you may bring your own instructor approved loom if you have one). Choose from a selection of beautiful yarn colors we thought would be ideal for this scarf project. During this 4 hour session, we’ll start weaving the scarf or towels, plus you will need approximately 3-5 hours to complete it outside of class time. Please bring your own refreshments, we will have a 20 minute break during the workshop.

Choose from three options:

  1. Take the loom home: Have a one-week free rental (requires a $150 security deposit or credit card hold).
  2. Schedule studio time: Studio time is $10 per hour, plus a loom rental at $15 per week (no deposit). Your first week is free, followed by a weekly rate of $15.
  3. Rent the loom by the month:  Security deposit of $150 and $65 per month for a more relaxed weaving pace or to weave additional projects. 
In this workshop, you’ll explore the art of weaving, gaining insights into the basics of weaving, weaving terminology, and various loom types. Our primary focus will be on the specifics of the rigid heddle loom.

The session covers:

  • Warping the loom for even tension.
  • Threading the heddle with correct order and techniques.
  • Tying on and weaving the header to secure warp threads.
  • Basic weaving techniques like plain weave, beating the weft into place, and changing sheds.

You’ll also learn about tension and beat, ensuring uniformity for a well-finished piece. Tips and troubleshooting guidance will be provided throughout the class.

The package includes instruction, use of the loom and weaving tools during the session, and yarn for one scarf or dish towel. Enjoy a one-week no-cost loom and tool rental (requires a $150 cc hold deposit) to weave at home. Please sign up for session B to finish you project with us.

Beginning Weaving Class B: (Look for a date in our workshops listing): 

Cost: $30 

Finishing Techniques:  In this short but fun workshop you will be introduced to a variety of finishing techniques such as braided or twisted fringes, hems, and a few more!  Once your weaving is complete, you’ll learn how to remove it from the loom and proceed with your chosen finishing technique.  We will learn about washing or blocking the fabric to set the weave and adding optional embellishments.

All Instruction and  supplies are included.