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Learning to spin wool is a fantastic skill that brings creativity and relaxation together. It lets you make your own unique yarns with different textures and colors while also providing a calming, stress-relieving activity. This craft has a deep history, connecting you to traditions of textile making, and it gives you the freedom to customize yarn for specific projects. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, using natural fibers.  Spinning yarn is fun to do in group settings in a supportive community where you can share tips and ideas with others. Overall, it’s a versatile skill that opens doors to various crafts and offers a fulfilling, hands-on way to express yourself creatively.  We will have three different kinds of spinning wheels and a variety of fibers to experiment with. Class fee includes up to 100 grams of spinning fibers (additional  fibers are available for purchase, but not necessary for this class).  Hand-spun fibers are perfect for small crocheted, knitted, braided or weaving projects! This is a fun small group class that is sure to entertain and delight you!