Fiber Arts Studio Sessions – Explore, Create, Unwind

Indulge your passion for fiber crafts in our inviting studio space! Our weekly studio sessions cater to enthusiasts of weaving, spinning, needle felting, crochet, and embroidery. It’s a haven where creativity flourishes and ideas come to life.


Benefits of Studio Sessions:

Freedom to Create: Delve into your chosen craft at your own pace. Our sessions offer uninterrupted time for your projects.

Community Vibes: Connect with fellow enthusiasts, sharing experiences, tips, and ideas.

Guidance and Support: While instruction isn’t part of these sessions, we will be at your session to offer advice and assistance whenever possible. Dive into your projects with confidence.

Project Planning Assistance: Need help planning your next fiber arts project? We’re here to assist you during the studio sessions. We can guide you in brainstorming and organizing your creative endeavors.


When: Weekly sessions, offered during the day and evening.

Cost: $10 per hour. Each session typically runs for 3 hours, allowing flexibility—stay for as little or for the entire duration.

Sign-Up Options: Register and pay for your sessions on our website up to 72 hours ahead of time. To save money, you can also buy a Virtual Studio Card, this works like a gift card that you can use to sign up for sessions from your card balance. The cards are currently offered at $50 and get $10 bonus applied to your card at purchase time, or $100 get a $40 bonus.

Materials: We offer weaving looms available for rent (call or email us if you are interested), allowing you to explore this craft during the session. Additionally, we provide high-quality wool available for purchase in class, perfect for your felting projects.

Whether you’ve been crafting for years or just beginning to unravel the threads of creativity, our studio warmly welcomes every level of expertise. Our sessions cater to everyone, providing an environment where enthusiasts can explore, learn, and create at their own pace.


For more information or to sign up for studio time, visit our website’s “Studio Sessions” link or purchase a Discount Studio Card in the shopping area of our website for discounted rates.